Fiber laser marking machine 20W



Long life of laser tube, low cost and small size; Suitable for harsh environments; With good quality laser beam; The control software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop etc. Can automatically process letter, symbol, picture, barcode, QR code etc, Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPG etc format files; Support TTF font.

Applicable industry:

Electric parts, IC, wisdom card, phone button, jewelry, automobile parts, medicion food package. Equipment, eyeglass, clock, plastic, and PVC tube. Metal parts. Aluminum material.

Applicable material:

Common metal(iron, copper, aluminum, zinc etc), special metal(gold, silver, titanium etc), Special surface treatment(plating, phosphating, anodizing of aluminum), metal oxide, ABS material.

Model PT-FM20
Laser Power 20W
Laser Wave Length 1064nm
Beam Quality M2<1.8
Power Stability <5%t>5h
Repeat Frequency 20kHz-80kHz
Pulse Width <140ns
power Range 5%~100%
Marking Speed 10000mm/s
Minimum Character 0.02mm
Position Accuracy <10urad
Marking Range 50-400mm
Machine Dimension L800×W730×H1420mm
Net Weight 150kg
Power Supply 220V/50-60Hz
Max General Power 1000W