UV laser marking machine PT-3/5
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Machine performance

With small UV focus spot and the heat affected zone, the UV laser marking machine has high absorption to 355nm UV-light and is widely adapted to many materials.


1. High-performance ultraviolet laser and superior laser beam quality bring exquisite marking effect for customers;
2. Equipped with safety hood, it avoids physical injury of operators by mis-operation and minimizes the safety risk;
3. Good cooling performance, small size.

Application Area:

It’s widely used in special materials marking, cutting and processing. Such as all kinds of glass, LCD panel, textiles, chip ceramics, semiconductor wafers, IC grains, sapphires, polymer films, etc.

Technical parameter:

Type specification PT-3 PT=5
Laser Type UV Laser
Laser Power 3W 5W
Max Q Switch Frequency                      10KHz~100KHz
Min Laser Pulse                        10~25ns
Laser Model                         TEMOO
Laser Beam Quality                         M2<1.1
Pulse Stability Error                      ≤±2%(RMS)
Laser Divergence Angle                      <10μrad
Light Conversion Efficiency                      ≥45%
Polarization Direction                      Level
Cooling                 Forced Air Cooling
Marking speed                    ≤8000mm/s
Standard Marking Range               70×70~170x170mm
Min Laser Diameter                     0.01mm
Repeatability Accuracy                   ±0.001mm
Min Character                   0.1mm
Software                  Ezcad_V2
Power Supply                 220V/50Hz/10A
PC System                Windows XP / Window 7