Imported high accuracy 3D Scanner 7PT-3D



1.Mobile phone,the accessories related with the ipad,small crafts,heel,and teeth
2.Jade curing,jewerlry bijouterie,pendant jewerlry,headphones membrance,hair line doll

Product Feature:

Precision 3D scanner’s single scanning range is small,high precision,high density if the point cloud,scanning feature expressional is obvious,suitable for the objects require high scanning,used in jewelry,mobile phone parts,headphones film,small metal jewelry,etc.,precision industries.


Model No 3D Scanner 7PT-3D
Single Scanning Area 75*50mm 40*30mm
Single Measurement Precision 0.01~0.02 0.01~0.015
Scanning Objet Size 30mm~70mm 5mm~30mm
Scanning Mode White light  Non-contact
Data Splicing Method By English software
Camara Soothing Sensor 1.3 million pixels×2
Industrial Lens 3 million pixels×2
Raster System American brand DLP Digital raster
Raster light source LED cold light source, lifespan:35000hours
Output File Format ASC;PLY;STL;OBJ;IGES
Scanning time <5S
Operating System Windows98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7