UV laser marking machine PT-5W



1.UV laser with stable air-cooling
2.UV laser temperature control PID with high precision
3.Choose a variety of modes for first pulse suppression,to achieve the best inhibitory effect
4.UV laser can offer a variety of different average laser power&pulse width,suitable for different processing requirement

Industy Application:
1.Suitable for surface marking&micro holes of glass,high polymer material and related objects
2.Widely used in food,medicine,cosmetics,wires&other polymer materials bottle(box) surface marking,micropores(pore diameter d<10um)
3.Flexible PCB plate,LCD,TFT marking,scribing in-cision etc,
4.Wipe off metal&non-metal coating
5.Microporous & blind holeprocessing of silicon wafer


Machine model PT-5W
Output power 5W
Laser wavelength 355nm
Pulse width 13-80ns
Power stablity <±2%rms
Beam quality TEM00
Marking size 110*110mm
Min Laser Diameter 0.01mm
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.001mm
Min Character 0.1mm
Marking Software Ezcad
PC System Windows XP / Window 7
Repeat frequency 1KHz-200KHz
Divergence angle of light <2mrad
Beam diameter <0.6mm
Polarization 100:1 vertical
Machine power 500W
Cooling way Air cooling
Power requirement 220V±22v /50Hz/10A