Standard Type 3D Scanner 5PT-3D



wood,shoe treewood engraving, automobile,motorcycle,large mould making,household,shoe sole, jade,hardware,electronics precisioning parts headphone membrance.

1.Standard type scanner single breadth has a large scanning range,and the corresponding point is rare.
2.Suitable for the range of single scanning is big for standard scanner
3.Its dot pitch is relatively thin,suitable for the requirements of patterns delicate degree are not particularly high,using it under the condition of getting more products.


Model 5PT-3D
Single scanning area 400*300 300*200 150*100
Single measurement precision 0.025–0.04 0.02–0.035 0.015–0.025
Scanning object size 1000mm–3000mm 300mm–1000mm 50mm–300mm
Image resolution Ratio 1300000 pixel * 2(can be upgraded)
Raster light source LED cold light source,l ifespan: 35000 hours
The splicing way The ball center is spliced by automatic
Scanning time <5s
Operating windows98/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ Vista
Out put file format ASC, IGES, OBJ, STL, VRML, DXF etc.