Integrated 3D Scanner 5PT-3D




Wood engraving,jade,hardware,electronics precisioning parts,headphone membrane and etc,mobile phone,accessories related with the pannel computer,small crafts,heel,teeth,jewelry,hairline doll.

Integrated scanner has a high scanning accuracy;it’s a almighty scanner,the equivalent of a normalized form scanner and a sophisticated scanner,can scanning all kinds of products.


Model 5PT–3D
Single scanning area 400*300 150*100 75*50 40*30
Single measurement precision 0.025–0.04 0.02–0.035 0.015–0.025 0.01—0.015
Scanning object size 1000mm–3000mm 300mm–1000mm 50mm–300mm 5mm—3mm
Image resolution Ratio 1300000 pixel * 4(can be upgraded)
Raster light source LED cold light source,lifespan: 35000 hours
The splicing way The ball center is spliced by automatic
Scanning time <5s
Operating windows98/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ Vista
Out put file format ASC, IGES, OBJ, STL, VRML, DXF etc.