Woodworking cnc router PT-1618-6 with 6 heads
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Suitable for:
All kinds of plastic,wood,stone,glass,metal.such as Aluminum/Stainless steel sheet/curtain wall/ tombstone/honorific arch/PVC/pp Sheet high precision hand model and electronic governance,etc.Can perfectly run in cutting&engraving.Widely used in Construction, decoration, furniture,art,and advertising industries.
1 .Heavy-duty steel frame, no distortion,no shake,the machined surface is smooth,and the tool is not easy to break;ensure the structure stable,low inertia and no distortion during high-speed working;
2.Assembled with original HI WIN linear square guide rail&dual-nut anti-gap rod ball screw,and Germany made slanting rack, to ensure high accuracy, low noise,and long life;
3.Adopt high-speed spindle with constant torque,high-performance drive motor to ensure the long time and stable working;


Model PT-1618-6
Platform size 1700 mm x 2100 mm
working size 1600mm x 1800mm
Z-axis travel 180mm
Feedding height 200mm
Fuselage structure 8mm thick Heavy-duty Tubular steel frame,
full-weld, VSR process
Z-axis Clevis U-shaped cast aluminum machined by CNC
Sidewall of Y axis Cast Iron machined by CNC center
Fuselage 8mm Steel machined by CNC center
Sheet metal for X axis Drag Chain Cast Aluminum machined by CNC center
The Beam 8mm steel machined by CNC center
Frame 6mm steel machined by CNC center
Sheet metal 2mm baking sheet metal
Table material 3mm x 5mm x 24mm (T slot alumihum)
Adsorption method With T-slot for clamp fixturing
X, Y Transmission Germany Slanting rack
Z Transmission HIWIN 25 Ball Screw
Rail configuration HIWIN 25 Square guide rail
Positioning accuracy ±0.1/300mm
Spindle speed 0-24000(r/min)
Y-axis dual drive Stepper Motor Leadshine 86
X axis drive Stepper Motor Leadshine 86
Control System NcSdutio control system
Code Formats G Code, U00mmgnc
Idle speed 0-20000mm/Minute
Working speed 0-15000mm/Minute
Resolution 0.00625/Pluse
Tool diameter 3.175mm,4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.7mm
Spindle power 6x 1.5KW Water Cooling(4 bearing inside}
Converter 6x Shenzhen Sunfar converter
Cooling Water Pump
Actual weight 2200kg
Power 380v50HZ ± 10(lnternal Power)
Electric Box Integrated computer control cabinet
Moving Pattern gantry move